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Sunblock Buy 1 Free 2 Value Set

RM 239.00 RM 41,700.00

Aqua Plus Hydration UV Protector/50ml

Rise And Shine! Protect Your Skin From The Malicious Sun Rays With This Perfect Color-Correcting Formula That Smoothes The Complexion And Creates A Natural Glow While Hydrating And Protecting The Skin. Formulated With Extracts Of Moringa Seed, Japanese Knotweed & Hyaluronic Acid, This Sunscreen Helps The Skin Restore Glow And Vitality, Effectively Achieving Anti-Aging, Hydration And Rejuvenation. With A Non-Greasy, Breathable Texture, This Sunscreen Can Be Absorbed Easily. Perfect For Wearing Alone Or Under Foundation.

Ultimate Youth Capture Biocellulose Mask/30ml

Ultimate Youth Capture Biocellulose Mask 

(富勒烯肌因光感生物纤维面膜 30ml) received 2 awards:

1) INPEX 2017 - Best Invention of the Far East (

2) 20th Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies Archimedes - Gold Special Award (勇奪發明金牌獎,  2017年第20屆莫斯科「阿基米德國際發明展」

A promising, cutting-edge biocellulose mask infused with a cocktail potent ingredients specially designed to work in synergy for one-step hydrating, rejuvenating and anti-aging treatment to regenerate the skin.

This unique, patented biocelllose mask, infused with banana flower extract during fermentation process, provides excellent soothing and brightening effects by itself. It not only provides perfect fit to the skin but also enhances the delivery efficiency of the nutrients to the skin. Formulated with fullerenes, Sea Grape Extract and Hyaluronic Acid, this biocellulose mask works to banish skin impefections to restore its youthful, vibrant and moisturizzed state. 


专利第二代功能自带生物纤维面膜,膜材本身即富含高功效成分,并添加强 效抗老成分富勒烯,延缓肌肤老化、持续亮白;有绿色鱼子酱之称的海葡萄,能形成肌肤屏障,强化表皮防护力;保湿润泽因子可舒缓肌肤,长效保湿。3D立体结构完整承载精华,一次拥有紧实、弹力、亮白、保湿、舒缓。